Why you SHOULDN'T think big at first.

So I was out last night on a dinner with my cousin and a close friend, and we ended up having a really interesting conversation that I wanted to share with you guys.

My friend was telling me that he had come to an insight, that one of the main things that had been holding him back during the past years , was that he was thinking too big.

Let me explain what he meant.

His goal has been to become the Michael Jordan of what he’s doing for years, but down the line, he had confused the ultimate goal with his current place in life. That had led him to refuse doing smaller gig’s, which in turn made him miss out on more frequent opportunities, as he was just isolating himself while waiting for the bigger chance.

One of the most important things you can do when you’re trying to break through, is to stay active. Sure, every job, client, or opportunity might not be the best paying, or giving you the most experience. but by staying active, you constantly improve, and you also increase your chance of finding great opportunities.

Let’s say you help a really small client out, and they pay isn’t great, but you do an amazing job for them. Chances are that they know others who could hire you as well, or maybe they know the CEO, or som other C-level manager, at a bigger company that could hire you too. All of a sudden, you have an ambassador that people can trust, that will speak well of you. The more people like this you can create in your vicinity, the higher the chance of long-term success.

The way to create these ambassadors is to show up. The more times you show up, the bigger is the chance that you can create your own ambassadors, that will tell their friends about how great you are.

You have to look beyond the monetary value, and the merit, in the beginning. You have to move your eyes from the end destination, to your current path. Your decision has to make sense today, as well as with your grand goal in mind. You cannot take decisions as if you are at the top, if you in fact still have a long way to go.

Earning at least one small victory a day, or week, is a better strategy than waiting for your chance to MAYBE win the World Cup, by chance, in the future.

A lot of us think too big when we start out. We set out eyes on the grand vision, and the end destination can turn us blind sometimes.

It’s really key to understand your own position, and be aware of where you are in life. That’s why it’s important to take time every day or week to reflect some over what progress you’ve made. Each day requires some type of progress, because that’s how you fight anxiety over not hitting your goals. IF you can see and measure some progress, you know that you are on the right way at least.

So what was his conclusion?

Easy - he’s gonna go out and rock 2019 by showing up as often as possible. He knows what his end game is, but he also appreciates his current situation. He made a key breakthrough in understanding the importance of showing up, and he realized that in 2018, he hadn’t showed up often enough. That’s why he didn’t make the progress he wished he had. That in itself however, is a massive progress.

So beware of your own position, analyze your progress each week, and try to understand why you are, or aren’t, moving forward.

Going backwards will take you forward

It’s that time of the year, at least for me. The past 10 years we’ve given everyone in our offices the opportunity to work from home for 2 weeks in order to wind down a bit, re-group, and get back refreshed into the office to take on the new year.

So what I try to do during these couple of weeks, other than energizing myself in various ways, is to go through my goals, and make sure that I’m still on the right path to reach the goals I’ve set out for myself.

I’ve been talking to a ton of people over the last week since my Instagram got about 500 new followers in just a few days, and what I noticed is that very few people seem to have any clear goals. That in turn makes them confused as to what they should be doing. I hear a lot of “I know I can do great things, I just don’t know what”.

Let’s try to fix this problem somehow. The worst thing out there is wasted potential, and I hate seeing people sitting around not knowing what to do with their energy.

So here’s what I do. I always start at the end. Let’s say my goal is to make 1 million dollars in 2019. So what I need to do is to figure out what various components are a part of making that million. One component is probably to sell something, to someone. So I need to figure out what I can sell, and at what price, that makes it possible to hit 1 million within a year. Let’s say I want to sell my time as a consultant. If I sell 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, at $100 bucks an hour, then that’ll make me $260 000 by after 52 weeks. Meaning, I won’t hit my goals using that method, so I either need to charge way more, or sell more hours.

Since selling hours is not very scalable, I would look at something that could be up and running 24/7, and available in as many countries as possible. If I can be in 100 countries every single second of every day of the year, I’d stand a much better chance of hitting my goal of 1 million dollars as well.

So what options does that leave me?

The quickest way I can think of, is to find some sort of an online venture. Whether it’s e-commerce, affiliate marketing, or something else, they all have in common that they are 24/7, and global. They have scalability, and scalability is what makes the big money. One thing all my projects always have in common is that they all have big scalability potential. If it’s not scalable, I’m out.

So let’s say I instead decide to start an e-shop to sell gym and training clothes and gear. I can once again count backwards to see if that instead helps me hitting my goal of making $1 million. So let’s say an average unit in my shop will cost $30, with a 50% margin. That means I’ll need to sell about 33 000 units, in order to hit $1 million in revenue, and 100 000 units, to make $1 million in profit. So let’s aim big and go for $1 million in profit. That in turn means that I need to sell 273 units per day, roughly, to hit my yearly goal of $1 million.

Now, all of a sudden, I have a model, and I know exactly what I need to do to hit my goal. What I need to do next is to figure out if it’s likely that I will hit that daily average target. That of course requires some research and smart strategy and marketing, but now we know what’s required to hit our goal.

So to clarify my point; I’m not saying go out there and start an e-shop selling gym and workout clothes. I’m saying figure out your goal first, and then compare it to what you are doing on a daily basis, and what you need to be doing.

That $1 million can be a 25 kilo weight loss, or a brand new car, or strong relationships with some special people in your life. It can be whatever you want, but you need to figure the goals out first, and then it will be easier to work for them on a daily basis.

By having the goals clearly in your mind, you will know much quicker if you are drifting away in the wrong direction, and you will know if you’ve had a productive day or not.

So take a few hours this holiday season, envision your 2019, and decide which goals you should be hunting during the coming 365 days. No playground is more even than the playground of time, because we all have equal amounts of it. All you need to do is to manage it properly and invest it in a model that actually helps you reach your goals.


And we’re live!

I’ve been thinking that I should set up a new website for many years now, but I’ve never prioritised it to the point where I’ve felt that I have the time to actually do it. Luckily, I’ve been home sick for a few days, and I can’t deal with just laying around doing nothing, so I figured why not get shit done and set up this website?

I had a website up on this domain some years ago, or maybe it was on another domain, not sure, but I stopped writing there and felt it was useless to keep it when I had zero focus on it. This site however makes more sense now to me, because I need some place to tie everything together, and doing it on my own domain makes sense. So you can still find me on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on, but this site will be my official home online.

So, with that said, welcome! I’ll be writing some stuff here every now and then about work, life, and everything in between, and for more frequent updates you should follow me on Instagram where I’m active on a daily basis. I’m also quite active on LinkedIn and Youtube.