‘Success is only meaningful when it’s shared with other people’

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Founded my first company in 2006 at age 21, and grew it from 0, with no funding, to over $100 million in revenues before exiting parts of it. Active investor since 2010, focusing on online ventures where I can leverage the teams with my knowhow and passion for getting shit done. Currently running 10+ active investments with their respective teams, trying to build the next multi-million dollar venture. Do you have what it takes to run with my team? Hit me up.

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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been extremely competitive. However, I was never a top student as a kid in school, because sports was way more interesting, and if you’d ask my teacher what became of me they’d probably have pretty low hopes. Still, my extreme competitive drive and high ambitions have driven me further than anyone would think, and the crazy part is that I’m far from finished. Get a unique insight to my mindset, and all the other factors that I think contributed to my success here. Buckle up and let’s go!


Take a look inside my head, and outside of it. My passions in life, other than my family and close ones, includes food, travels, training & self-improvement. This is where you’ll find a bit of that, and everything else. Find out what methods & tools I use, that you too can implement to elevate your personal development. So, from amazing destinations & delicious foods, to practical life-hacks well worth trying - this is where you find it all!